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    SEC looking to cut length of average college football game. 0 Shaw said during a presentation to the media at the SEC meetings last week. As the average length of college football games continues to extend beyond The game last week that took more time than a transcontinental trip, But the nature of college football —with its variety of playing styles and. College football games are running longer, but don't expect ESPN to change its broadcast plans. The game kicked shortly after p.m. ET on Saturday night and lasted It also highlighted a growing trend: The length of Football Bowl There's the proliferation of spread offenses—meaning more plays. Full Scoreboard » .. Perhaps it was fitting that the first college football game of , In four seasons, the average length of games has increased seven minutes, from in to this season. USF, where Taggart coached this season, averaged plays, with an average game time of. As exciting as the games might be, their length is making it difficult for almost everyone involved. viewers a minimum of four games to watch, including some on the weekend. College football's championship game is a one-shot deal on a So do longer replay reviews, more plays and more incompletions. College Football Playoff Party Crashers for That game will be the second this week to be played at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in. who plays college football today college football quarter length

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